Wood mats

wood mat is a warm, beautiful pathway for your yard and garden. It is easy to install and can be rolled up if necessary. The wood-mat doesn’t need an even surface as it follows the terrain. Wood mat gives a trimmed and modern look for your garden. Wood mat can also be used as a stylish and easy-to-clean surface for your balcony.

Sizes, width 500 or 600 mm, length 3000 or 2000 mm and thickness 22 mm. We also manufacture wood mats according to your own measures, so that you can choose the width (recommended 300-1200mm) and length according to your needs!

  • pathway in the yard

  • pathway in the beach

  • naturetrail

  • surface on the balcony

  • route for disabled

  • mat on sauna floor

  • mat in front of caravan

  • and many other uses…

Border mats

Border mat is useful for many purposes. With border mats you can border your flowerbed; terrace or build a sand box. Border mat is made of solid spruce and it can be curved to different forms.

  • flowerbed border

  • terrace

  • sand box

  • compost

  • edge of the sandbox

  • protection of trees

  • width: 250 cm

  • height: 20, 30 and 70 cm

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